Mesíční archiv: Wednesday April 17th, 2024

Schedule of future events and restrictions for visitors

Dates of planned events at the castle: 15.6.2024 – meeting of children from the village of Jamolice 12.7.-28.7.2024 – summer volunteer and experience camp with ZČ HB FÉNIX. During the camp, the viewpoint will be repaired and will be closed to the public. 13.4.2025 – od 9:00 do 13:00 – work event with CK Kudrna

Working event with a travel agency Kudrna 14.4.2024

Of the day 14.4.2024, from 9.00 to 12.00 hours the traditional job event with travel agency Kudrna ( Thank you all for your help and for the year hopefully see you again.