We search

We search all available information, pictures and eventually other objects related to the castle. They will be used as a source for reconstruction, compilation of the documentation and evidence of history of the castle and its locality. These objects will be part of the castle collection planned in the future. We search especially:

    • Historical view of the castle
      • antique postcard of the castle
      • photographs (until 1980). Pictures of masonry, panorama of the castle etc. Photos of the fieldworks and events on the castle (cleaning of the waterwell, excavacations etc.)
      • drawings, paintings, engravings, maps etc.
    • Objects found in the castles
      • e. g. random discoveries, discoveries by detectors  (ceramic fragments, metal objects, stonemason’s links).
    • Information on the castle and its locality

      • evidence of contemporary witnesses of events related to the castle
      • information on usage of stone components taken from the castle in the neighourhood (esp. stonemason’s links)
      • references to the castle in historic literature, press, local chronicles or somewhere else
      • information on occurrence of protected species both animals and plants in this site

It is also possible to donate the pictures and object to the castle owner. The meeting on the castle can be arranged by e-mail or phone.

If the object is built in the building or you want to retain the property of it, the owner just registers, localizes and takes photos of the object. Regarding photos, postcards, press, references in the literature it suffices to scan or take photo of the relevant parts and send by e-mail. It is also possible to take the photo in the castle or to borrow the material for scanning.

The goal is only to keep as complete registration of the relevant information and documents as possible.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.

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