Castle Templštejn (Tempelstein)

The castle was sold by its previous owner, the state company Lesy České republiky s.p., in 2011 together with the land with a measurement about 2,2 ha in a public tender for 1,2 mil. CZK to Ing. David Hamza.

The owner started working on the area in a cooperation with authorities of preservation and nature conservation in 2012. Self-seeding vegetation was cleared away for positive influence to composition of species and for restriction of negative influence to the remnants of the castle. The trees and shrubs damaging walls were removed. Rubble site vegetation and alien species are continuously removed for a reinforcement of restoration of original rare species of plants and animals. Paths making easier access for tourists are adjusted. They also delimit accessible areas together with stone walls and terraces, which will be used as a source of building material later and hideaways for animals as well. A rescue of walls is planned. Maybe some facilities for tourists, for example a wooden lookout or a bridge over a moat will be built up later. Any bigger building adaptations or completitions are not planed due to financial demands. The owner tries to do all the works without restrictions to visitors. Everything is paid by the owner and also all the works are done personally with a help of volunteers.

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