How to get there

By public transport

The easiest way how to get to the castle is from Jamolice village, that is easily accessible by bus No 441 (Moravský Krumlov-Jamolice-Dukovany-Rouchovany-Hrotovice) of IDS-JMK. You can get on at the railway station in Moravský Krumlov when going by train from Brno or at the bus terminal in Moravský Krumlov by comming by bus, e.g. No 432 from Ivančice. Depending on terminal stop we recommend you to get off at Jamolice,restaurace (term.  stop Jamolice) or at Jamolice,lesovna (term.  stop Elektrárna Dukovany (EDU)). Beware, the stop Jamolice, lesovna is a request stop.

We have several proposals for visitor willing to combine visit of the castle with a short hike.  You start from Elektrárna Dukovany (EDU) stop and you walk through Rabštejn and romantic Jihlava river walley to the Templštejn castle. You can also go from the castle through the Jihlava river to some villages with IDS-JMK bus stations. We recommend you Mohelno with famous botanical and geological site Serpentinite Steppe (Hadcová step), but can finish the trip also in Biskoupky or in Hrubšice.

Very nice, but longer hike, goes from the castle to Ivančice. In this hike through the Jihlava river walley you will see Hrubšice Chateau and romanesque church in Řeznovice.

By car

It is possible to arrive the castle from Jamolice village on the main road between Jamolice and nuclear power plant. Turn to then north to the yellow touristic track. If you are afraid of damaging your car, park at the crossroad (49°4’48.543″N, 16°14’21.603″E). More adventurous drivers can continue straight  along the filed to the crossings at forrester’s lodge (lesovna). You can also park here (49°5’4.624″N, 16°14’32.037″E), but do not park directly by the lodge. Even more adventurous driver can still continue along the forrest, then the road swerves to the field.  You must stop in the glade on the border of the forrest (49°5’12.358″N, 16°14’48.353″E). You can proceed further only with permission of Lesy ČR (the owner), but this last part is sometime muddy with risk of bein stuck.

Another option is to start from the walley and get to the castle as close as possible.  Continue from Ivančice trough Řeznovice and Hrubšice and then among the cottages as far as possible. However the asphalt road is not of  good quality.

By bike

You can reach the castle by yellow touristic track (see By car) and you can ride comfortably downhill straight to the castle. Another option is the asphalt road to the former airport, which starts behind the restaurant at the end of the Jamolice (49°4’25.542″N, 16°14’54.698″E). When you reach the end of the grassy landing runway (now ground squirrel site) of the former airport (49°5’0.758″N, 16°15’19.543″E), turn to the right on the border of the forrest and continue untill you reach yellow touristic track. However you can also reach this turning by several cart tracks from Jamolice.

The nearest cycle track (Templar cycle track) leads in the Jihlava river walley bellow the castle. There is a bridge directly bellow the castle, from where it leads the shortest uphill way to the castle by yellow track. The track is very short (approx. 0,5 km) and frequently used. However we discourage it to the cyclists. The track has substantial elevation, here and here it is just rocky trail in very deep gorge full of pedestrians. In the best case you can only push the bike with troubles.

On foot

The most effortless hike goes downhill and it start at Jamolice village. There are two variants (see By public transport, By bike) – along the former airport (letiště) or along the forrester’s lodge (lesovna). Both variants are approximately 2 km long. The route along the former  aiport is short and it also avoid heavy traffic.

The route from the camp in the valley on the yellow track is very romantic. It leads uphill sharply through rocky gorge with several small waterfalls. Therefore we reccoment this variant only to very fit tourists.

It is also possible to combine several forrest paths on the hillsides along the Jihlava river valley. The slope of these hikes are mild, there are also beautiful views from the rocks to the valley. However you have to plan your hike very carefully, because there are no bridges over the Jihlava river and you have to cross the river on several fords.

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