The dark night

Once upon a time were looking Dominicans from Brno money to build the church. They drove over a wide area and collected money from the faithful whatever and in every weather. Once before Christmas went two monks in a light car with a coachman. It was getting dark slowly and a storm was approaching. The coachman tore along frozen snow and hurried to be in Brno or at least in some shelter as soon as possible. They were far from home and he didn’t know the way too well and he turned wrong in a hurry and got lost. He wandered right left right now. It was getting darker and it started to snow heavily. He longingly looked for any signs of a village, building or shelter where they could hide from the storm and survive the night. The path suddenly brought them into a dark forest. It darkened even more. The coachman had thought about the worst and he feared that they fall down into a ravine in the wilderness. But then he saw the distant glow of large windows and grey outlines of large buildings.

The driver did not hesitate and went straight for the light. In a moment they reached the big gate that opened as if on cue themselves. They entered the courtyard and suddenly there were a lot of white figures with red crosses on they cloaks. Some of them unhitched the horses and others led the monks inside. They were led by long corridors and vaulted halls up to the great hall, where the rich dinner was prepared for them. There was a long table, which was groaning under the weight of full bowls and pitchers with wine.

The monks were happy to be allowed to outlast the dark night. They had no idea about such a rich monastery in the woods. White silent figures came from all sides and encouraged them to sit down to a rich board. The monks unceremoniously began to eat. The feast perhaps had no ending. The amount of food and drink was so large that it can not be even described. At the end of the feast a grandmaster stood at the head of the table and raised a glass and said to the monks, “And I have a gift for you, our dear guests.” And one of the white figures brought a heavy chest.

In the morning when the monks woke up they were already in the coach and heading towards home. The sky was blue and everything was covered by fresh sparkling snow. They didn’t remember how they spend the all night. Perhaps it was by the quantity of wine. The monks were happy at the sight of a heavy chest, which was in the coach.

Also the coachman was satisfied and cheerfully urged horses by a whip. Almost all night was playing in cubes with grooms. He won a bunch of pennies having in his coat pocket. He touched his pocket to make sure about it but he found only dry leaves. He was angry and poured them from his pocket and began to look for the pennies. He was not paying attention to the road and he got lost again. Fortunately, the snow was intact everywhere, only trace from the carriage were visible. He turned the coach and went along the trace back. He found it easily, but when he arrived at a place where the trace ended he found unbroken snow only. There was no relic of houses or people. Just above them loomed menacingly dark and desolate ruins of the castle Tempelstein.

They all three crossed themselves quickly and they hurried away as quickly as possible. Because it was a clear day they soon found the right way to Brno. They gave to the prior money and the heavy chest. When the prior asked what is in it they just shrugged. They were afraid to say what they experienced at night. The prior left chest opened and when the lid took off the room just lit up. It was filled to the brim with shiny gold coins.

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