The secret of the castle well

Castle hill was not used to be overgrown as it is nowadays. It was far bolder, covered with grass, low shrubs with stone rubble fields and ruins of the castle were visible from afar. People grow far more livestock than now and therefore had to walk on the grass in the pasture where they could. Foraging pay often children who went on to the castle meadows. When the cattle peacefully grazing alone, and games to while away the time. Small fire broke up, playing hide and seeks or catch-up in the castle ruins.
One day the cowherd boys rested at the campfire, roasting the potatoes and variously teased. And so it happened that a boy named Hlavsa took Lutoslav’s shoe and threw it into the well of frolic. And it was bad. Lutoslav was the son of a very poor family. He knew he can’t return home without shoes because he should be rigidly beaten. In addition, he hasn’t any other shoes. He began to weep and called for help. Friends took pity on him and wanted to help him. The well was very deep that the bottom could not be seen, dark and cold. Cowherd boys took what they had, different ropes that establish and run a small thin Lutoslav as deep as possible. They didn’t reach the bottom even so Lutoslav was fumbling in the dark mud using a branch, tied to a flimsy rope. He managed to capture his shoe and tighten it and he climbed out again with the help of his friends.
He felt, however, that the shoe is rather heavy. It was wet and full of mud. Immediately it began to clean it at a small fire and suddenly realized that it is not full of just a mud, but also of golden coins. Because he was happy to have the shoe again and will not be beaten at home, so he shared ducats with friends. All were satisfied, only Hlavsa wasn’t. He was from a richer family, and he knew how much money it was. He waited for the right opportunity and threw his shoe into the well that time.
He began to rage and scream. What the boys should do. Again, established and ran the ropes this time Hlavsa into the well. But Hlavsa was older and heavier than Lutoslav. In addition, the ropes were poorly established and so Hlavsa snapped and fell into the well. Cowherd boys were terrified and ran to the village for help. When help came with ropes and torches, one peasant was dropped at the bottom of the well. But he found an empty well; there was not even boots or the boy.
In order to prevent a similar disaster the estate administration left well covered. Nobody has seen Hlavsa since.

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