Tempelstein – winter 2021

Current aerial photo of the snowy castle taken on 11/27/2021. Author of photographs Leoš Římovský. Thank you to the author for taking and providing photos.

Schedule of future events and restrictions for visitors

Preliminary first term working events and other events at the castle:

  • 29.7. – 13.8. 2022 – working summer camp with for young people from brontosaurus movement

Summer work camp with brontosaurus

From 29.7. until 14.8 there will again be a summer camp for young people.

Working event with DofE schoolchildren from city Brno

On June 21 and 22, there was a group of pupils with teachers from the Labská Brno primary school. As part of an international project (International Duke of Edinburgh Award), these students set out on an adventurous trip to castle Tempelstein.They slept under the stars in the castle, lit a fire and worked several hours. I am adding some photos from this interesting and useful event. Thank you very much for your help.

Working weekend with volunteers from “Hnutí Brontosaurus-Fénix”

On the weekend from 18.6. to 20.6.2018 was working event with volunteers from “ZČ HB Fénix”. Thank you all for your help.

Tempelstein – winter 2021

Aerial photo of winter castle

And some winter photos of Tempelstein.

Tempelstein on television and radio in 2020

Television reportage on the Czech Television channel ČT1, the show “Toulavá kamera” 20.9.

Reportage for Czech Radio Brno show “Host apetýtu” 10.8.

Reportage for Czech radio show “Tip for trip” 18.10.

Summer work camp with brontosaurus

From 1.8. until 14.8 there will again be a summer camp for young people.

Event with the willage Jamolice

Some photos from the event for children from the village Jamolice from 30.5.2020

Stories of enthusiasm

Stories of Enthusiasm – an exhibition (from 19.2. to 6.3.2020) of localities where the youth organization Brontosaurus operates. See more in Czech language.

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