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Working event with a travel agency Kudrna 25.3.2018

Of the day 25.3.2018, from 9.15 to 12.30 hours the traditional job event with travel agency Kudrna (https://www.kudrna.cz/). Thank you all for your help and for the year hopefully see you again.

Newly discovered old castle drawing

Newly discovered old castle drawing (approximately from the second quarter of the 19th century).

PF 2018

Happy New Year 2018.

Working weekend with volunteers from “Hnutí Brontosaurus” 2017

On the weekend from 6.10. to 8.10. was working event with volunteers from “ZČ HB Fénix”. Thank you all for your help.

Look back for an exhibition in Moravský Krumlov

The Town museum in Moravský Krumlov was in 13.7. until 30.9.2017 exhibition of Templars and Tempelstein Castle. Archaeological finds from the castle and other artifacts were exhibited. Several photos from the exposition.

Event with the village Jamolice 2017

Some pictures from the event for the children of the village Jamolice.

Current aerial photography – August 2017

The camp with volunteers Brontosaurus 2017 and archaeological exploration of the castle

From 28.7. to 13.8. there was a traditional work-experience camp with volunteers from the Brontosaurus movement on the castle Tempelstein. Part of the camp there was a archaeological excavations of the castle gate with Mr. Dejmal from Archaia Brno.

The night storm broke trees on the castle

The night storm broke trees on the castle.

Road closure in Jamolice

From 19.7. to 30.11. the main roads in Jamolice will be closed. It is possible to take a detour through Dobřínsko, Dolní Dubňany and Dukovany and from there  to Jamolice.